Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Awareness Breast Cancer!

YWCA of Albania is preparing for the next event who will take place in Tirana, capital of Albania on 9 th of May 2010.
It is the second time that we are organizing the event with the theme "Awareness Breast Cancer"
For this purpose, we organized a group walking along the main boulevard in Tirana.
All participants in this event will receive information packages on breast cancer on how to prevent this disease that often takes our mothers and sisters lives. We will offer free mammography test in 2 months the women from 40and up.

Activities will be greetings from the American ambassador of Albania, Mr. Withers, The first lady, the Ministry of Health, Institute of public health, The Municipality of Tirana etc.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The first day of the study session

Here we are, 28 young women from all over Europe, sitting in a room at the European Youth centre in Budapest.
The reason we’re all gathered here is to study how to create a safer world for women. The participants come from YWCA and three other partnership organizations, which are WAGGS, Support and WILF. The goal of the study session is use our learning and ideas to create an action plan to feed into the YWCA council in 2011. We will also share our experiences, gain training and learn new things, while getting to know each other, connecting, and networking, for example through the internet.
We have been split into four groups and our group has been given the task to create a blog for this study session, other groups are creating a Facebook group, a Facebook page and a Twitter page. Using this technology, we will link with others and share the outcomes of this study.
Today we also have accomplished to wake up early (because early bird catches the worm!), doing some ice-breakers and eating a delicious Hungarian lunch. And, we mustn’t forget the chocolate we were rewarded with after our hard work! :)
We will be posting blogs all week, so stay tuned!